The lead copywriter in Series 30/40 mobile phones and a peak performer in improving their quality and usability at a time when Nokia’s market share rose nearly to 40 %.
• Defined and implemented the new Nokia tone of voice together with a company-wide task force made up of the most experienced English language and brand professionals.
• The final reviewer of the English source texts on the S30/40 phones before they were translated to nearly 90 other languages. Streamlined the consistency and the processes related to Nokia’s terminology, brand principles and style across the entire product portfolio.

Nokia Asha 501 -videon suunnittelu ja toteutus. 

Poimintoja palautteista


Mirka does everything that she has promised and frequently comes up with great ideas and contributes without being asked. [...] Mirka is a great colleague to have - a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
Matthew Crocker
Former colleague at nokia
Mirka handles her tasks with excellent quality, and is committed to get the work done in time even if it comes on a short notice. In addition to her linguistic expertise, she has shown strong project management skills.
Tanja Ylänen
Former manager at nokia


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