About us

A few years ago, we had a chance to visit a little fishing village called Bugøynes in Northern Norway. The Arctic Ocean on the Norwegian coast represents the northerly nature at its barest – and to us, at its most beautiful. With their fresh and bright colours, the unadorned landscapes capture the splendour of simplicity – and as such highlight some of the essential characteristics that we, too, wish to convey in our work: to create clean designs and clear messages that bring our clients’ voice and ideas to life as effectively as possible.

That’s where we came across this lamp post, standing on the shore of the Arctic Sea. It must have stood there for many years already, protecting wanderers from tripping over and weathering all kinds of storms, facing the open sea. The idea of this little source of light at one of the furthest edges of the world is somehow consoling – and inspiring. Not much unlike this lamp post, we, too, stand before a vast open world, looking forward to what it will bring our way.

These northern-most corners of the world served as our inspiration for the visual look of our website and the name of our team: “NorthPoint” is not only a reminder of where we come from, but also refers to the major idea or reason behind a story that every writer must get to.

Our team is based not quite that far north as that lamp post, but in a city called Oulu in Northern Finland (hence the name NorthPoint), but the work we do extends across Europe and beyond to different time zones to wherever you are in the world.

Here’s a closer look at who we are:

Päivi Vuoriaro

Translations, subtitling, copywriting and content creation

Päivi has always had a particular fondness for words and languages, and English is closest to her heart. She’s got loads of experience in delivering language services for everyone from big companies to family-owned businesses. Her list of published translations contains a number of titles from children’s literature, plus one a slightly darker stint, an insider’s guide to the world of vampire warriors (in the The Black Dagger Brotherhood series). She’s also subtitled dozens of movies and TV shows, including big hits such as The Walking Dead (continuing the line of darker treads), Gilmore Girls (back to a much brighter place), Foyle’s War, Midsomer Murders, Top Gear, and many more. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Philology.


Mirka Pohjanrinne

Copywriting, content creation, tone of voice, translations

Mirka is an experienced copywriter and happy to craft anything from three-word slogans to 50-page style guides. She’s been through quite an exciting ride in working in fields as diverse as higher education, advertising systems, mobile phones and wearable sports devices. As an in-house copywriter of two global companies, she’s become very closely acquainted with conversational wordsmithing and how to make products and brand speak in a voice that is not only professional and to-the-point, but also playful and fun. She has a PhD in English Philology and a vocational degree in Audiovisual Communication (further qualification).